Thursday, February 17, 2011

White Tantric Yoga : Ram Das' Experience

Local Teacher, Ram Das Kaur, shares about her first White Tantric experience:

Adventurous by nature and captured by the novelty of something new, White Tantric
Yoga attracted my curious side. I had just completed my first month of yoga teacher’s training and been hearing about the upcoming White Tantric Yoga Course from yoga teachers and other community members. Various explanations loomed conversations for weeks prior to the event. A common response was “you won’t be the same person”. I thought to myself “well, that couldn’t hurt” and looked forward to the transformation.

The morning arrived and I wondered who the new person would be to walk out of the room at the end of course. My partner and I settled into our cozy temporary home for the day and looked at one another with anticipation. At that point, I noticed an amazing sense of beautiful lightness and graceful ease in the room that quickly settled me. We reached a 62 minute exercise with the arms up at 60 degrees, a sometimes challenging exercise. With the aid of keeping the eye contact with my encouraging partner and the support of the people diagonal in my line I moved through the exercise and remembered to my breath during the times when I felt like giving up.

In the end, part of me changed indeed. My mind felt light, my worries few and I felt great. The day marked the beginning of years of transformation aided by the clearing effects of the Mahan Tantric and I am forever grateful. Wahe Guru!

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