Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Archer Pose for Strength, Determination, & Focus

Archer Pose is a great posture for building the strength of the body and for increasing personal focus and will. As you hold this position, like a skillful archer, imagine your target on the horizon (a life goal, a dream, or a change you wish to make), set your focus, and aim!

Try this:
  • Stand with the legs spread two to three feet apart. Turn the left foot 90 degrees toward the left. Turn the right foot in 45 degrees to the left.
  • Bend the left knee to the point that you cannot see the toes. You will feel a stretch in your thighs and hips when in proper position.
  • Keeping your torso facing the same direction as you started in, raise your arms as if aiming a bow and arrow.
  • Extend the left arm straight out towards the left leg, parallel to the ground. Make the left hand into a fist.
  • Pull the right arm back and parallel to the floor, bending at the elbow as if pulling the bowstring back to the shoulder. Bring the right hand into a fist. The right fist will be near your right shoulder and you should feel a stretch across the chest.
  • Turn your head to face the left fist and focus the eyes towards the horizon, looking over the left fist.
  • Hold for 1- 3 minutes, breathing long & deep. Then repeat on the other side.

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