Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekly Meditation Post

After much delibration and much cantankerous, hovering on badgering, requests from friends, I have decided to make the "weekly" meditation post a twice monthly post. That is, unless people start knocking down my door. The next posting will be on Wednesday, July 14th.

For those who are wondering about or interested in posting in the future, my goal with this is for it to be teacher's resource as well as a forum to share your Kundalini experiences with others. Whether it's a 1000 day or a first time experience and you had an experience that you want to share, others may benefit from what you have to offer.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about any part of this blog, or if you're interested in sharing a post, feel free to email me directly at And don't forget to comment on, share with friends, or link this blog. We appreciate the support.

Sat Nam and remember to breath and smile,
Rai Singh

Oh yeah, if you live in the valley of the sun, don't forget to COME TO CLASS!!!

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