Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chotay Pad Mantra Full Moon Meditation - One Teacher's Experience

My commitment to this path and the experience of joyful opening, the pulling apart of old neurosis, the firm feeling of my feet on the ground and my crown in the heavens have supported me through many experiences in past years. Yet for everyone, and that includes experienced teachers, there comes bumps in the road, obstacles that one must flow around, climb over or blast out of the way. So when, a few months ago, I found myself stumbling on my path I searched for the quickest, most certain way to find stable footing again.

All that was required was an openness within and the right way back to my practice was passed to me with a woman’s wisdom. A message from the respected crone who had learned the practice from her teacher who had learned the practice from Yogi Bhajan himself. This meditation is not in any book that I am aware of and it is a real gem. It is a simple and powerful practice involving chanting, the full moon, and a short 8 day practice. Perfect!

This meditation holds the ability to remove lifetimes of darkness and negativity, and I mean lifetimes. As I sat during the second night of this meditation, I began to sense this darkness and negativity as beings with form fleeing from the brightness and vibration that I was cultivating within my energy field. One of the few requirements of this mediation is that you may not open your eyes during the process, so I cannot tell you if there was anything physical to see, but in the subtle realms these things existed. I could feel them shivering, hesitating, lurking and then leaving. With each passing night, this energetic activity would wax and wane in waves of exodus. As intimidating as that may sound, I was thrilled with the power and tangible effects of this meditation. All I needed do was chant and sit with my eyes closed.

I enjoyed the process of this meditation, and all of the auric housecleaning involved. I am honored to pass it on and willbe repeating it beginning this Sunday, July 18th; perhaps you should join me. ;)

Chotay Pad Mantra Full Moon Meditation

Location & Time Specified - Outdoors on the earth, after sunset and when the waxing moon is in the sky. It is only done for the 7 days preceding the full moon and for the night of the full moon. As this time of year, in Phoenix the moon is visible from about 8pm-12am, but the time will change according to season and location.

Preparation – Be ready to sit in a safe place outdoors. It is always nice to precede any meditation with some stretching or Kundalini yoga set so that you can relax the body. Also, consider your yoga mat or sheepskin, any pillows you need to prop your body into a comfy position, and a meditation shawl or blanket to keep warm. Begin with a prayer for protection.

Position and Mudra – none specified. Simply that you sit on the earth and stay on your mat chanting no matter what. Here is the trick, if you get up you have to start all over again! So that means come bugs, rain, wind, heat, neighbors asking what the heck you are up to in the front yard, you just stay put.

Dhrist (eye focus) – none specified, but the eyes must remain closed the entire time no matter what, so it is nice to have a trusted person nearby to be your watcher. If you open your eyes, you must begin again.

Length - Unlike many other meditations, this meditation requires that the times not be adjusted. This is an 8 day meditation, begun a full week prior to the full moon. For the first 7 nights, the length is 31 minutes. For the 8th night, the night of the full moon, the length is 2 ½ hours.


Sat naarayan wha-hay guroo, haree naaraayan sat naam.

(this mantra is on many great CDs if you are unsure about chanting it solo)

From the Level 1 Teacher Training manual page 87, “Chanting this mantra gives inner peace, happiness, and good fortune. It makes you intuitively clear and pure in your consciousness. Even a person with low self-esteem can become majestic by chanting it. The words invoke the various names of God to help bring prosperity, peace of mind, and the capacity to look beyond this world to realize the Infinite.”

That is it. Sit and chant with your eyes closed, outdoors with the growing moon, and don’t budge. 31 minutes a day leading up to the full moon and 2 ½ hours on the night of the full moon. Enjoy this simple and powerful meditation experience.

Sarah Nirmal Kaur Butterfly
Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Midwife, Mother and Spouse

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