Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weekly Meditation Experience

Sat Nam all,
This week's experience is given by Akal Dev Kaur. This one is a whole class experience. Thank you Akal Dev Kaur

Kriya for New Lungs and Circulation ~
Wahe Guru Kriya ~
Kirtan Kriya ~
Amazing gong layout ~

These are the treats I was rewarded with this evening. Although my heart sank a little when I realized we were doing the same kriya as last night, I committed myself to pushing my way through it. It's a great kriya, New Lungs and Circulation, albeit a strenuous one and my body was not ready for it so soon. The teacher was kind by shortening the times. Next came Wahe Guru Kriya which was a blessing because just this morning I was thinking my Fifth Chakra needed some work. The Universe has a way of providing what one needs and with this kriya it took care of me.

During Kirtan Kriya a vision began to formulate. At first a mass of brilliant red and orange, circular and inviting. I focused my mind sharply to make out the blurry shape and to my delight it was a Peony bloom. These are one of my favorite flowers and normally they are a softer color, however in this vision it was a flaming mass of red and orange. A quick Google search upon my return home turned up a Chinese painting of a red peony.

Deeper into the meditation the vision became sharper and now I could make out a small figure perched on one of the Peony petals. This tiny figure turned out to be a single Mandarin Duck. I could feel my spirit in this tiny duck, it was me in the form of this tiny duck. It was smiling and happy. From the right corner another figure emerged...slowly, tentatively making it's way towards the little Mandarin Duck. It was a male Mandarin Duck, strong and virile. I could not tell by looking at it that it's male, but I could sense it in the vision. He came right up to the "me" Mandarin Duck and sat down next to me, nuzzling my neck, smiling. I felt an overwhelming sense of being loved, protected and cherished.

The image begins to fade out as we enter the silent portion of Kirtan Kriya. It's Ok, I am smiling in meditation, content and peaceful with the lovely image I just witnessed. I could feel my body completely relaxed, like a willow branch, bending gently in the wind. No pressure, no conflict, just peace.

Back to whispering Sa Ta Na Ma and here comes the vision once again. Slowly fading back into my consciousness. A bigger smiles emerges on my face as I recognize the comforting image of a pair of Mandarin Ducks perched on the Peony bloom. They are still sitting there, nuzzling, happy, loving.

Louder now, Sa Ta Na Ma..pressing the pads of my fingers in synchronicity with the sound. Firmly cementing the image in my's brilliant again....fiery red petals sprinkled with an earthy orange and still those two little Mandarin ducks are enveloped within.

Corpse pose....the amazing gong...a soft smile covers my face as my body melts into the floor. The vision is still brilliant and etched forever in my mind. Waves of sound wash over my body, pushing it deeper into relaxation....the image begins to change. Ever so slightly the pair of ducks glide towards the center of the Peony..side by side...they enter the center, peeking their little faces out, smiling. As the gong reaches its crescendo the Peony blooms begin to fold in, enveloping the pair of Mandarin ducks. Those blooms form a safe, protective circle around them.

The image fades away as the gong reaches its end. I am told to move my hands, feet, stretch but my mind cannot comprehend the words. Slowly my consciousness returns, circling my wrists, cat stretch, spinal rolls. I have returned from my peaceful slumber...refreshed and excited at the possibilities presented in my vision.

Sat Nam and Blessings
Akal Dev Kaur
(Akal Dev Kaur teaches at Yoga Phoenix on Monday nights at 7pm)

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