Thursday, March 10, 2011

Becoming Diamonds, a letter from Sevak Singh

Dear Friends,

It is undeniably true that pressure applied to coal with sufficient force and duration will create a diamond. These diamonds look a lot like other rocks, however inside them lies one of the most precious and durable substances on our planet. We are carbon-based beings under a tremendous pressure that will not let up or decrease any time soon.

So the question is do we become diamonds or dust? Humanity needs bright shining beings capable of reflecting brilliant light onto others, especially under the pressure of these times. Do you have the nerves of steel and clarity of emotions to shed this light of love and compassion onto others regardless of the circumstance? Yes, you have that potential inside.

You have the divine right to be happy, which comes from your ability to be stable and clear in the face of these times. Please take some time today and reflect upon the blessings in your life and acknowledge your path to becoming a diamond; a light of hope; a precious being to all. Remembering beyond all else that: The Divine breathes in you, walks in you and can speak through you.

Use words of kindness and caring, and move with the compassion and deep affection that flows from understanding that each and every being on this planet is your relative. Remember they are almost universally in some sort of pain. Let your gratitude and strength of character uplift and inspire those you meet. Use the force of these times to direct your mind towards understanding and neutrality. Let the pressure of global changes create in you a precious diamond of strength and light, supporting everyone in your orbit.

Many of you have not been to class in a long time. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation can be the ingredient that moves pressure into personal power. Do a practice, take care of your self, and share the light of your gifts with everyone. I believe in you. You are the Divine. Be Great.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Blessings and Joy to all,
Sevak Singh Khalsa

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